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[EP-tech] Bulk updating questions

Hi all,


We need to do some bulk updating but are worried that the built in search in the web interface doesn’t seem to allow us to get too specific and may cause conflicts on names (if they are the same/similar but different people).  I’ve see mentioned of a REST API but cannot find any documentation on setting it up or using it, so am considering just updating directly via SQL instead.


The part we want to bulk update is what research unit the item is associated to (essentially adding a subject to the item).  We want to do this for any items on which specific users are authors – not necessarily ones that they’ve added to the system themselves.  However, I’m having trouble finding the right information in the database.  I have the list of users.userid and can obviously link that to the eprint.userid, but that only counts where they’ve added the item.  What I can’t find is any kind of linking table for author ids to eprint ids.  At first I thought it might be the eprint_contributors_id table but am not so sure, eprint_creators_id only seems to have email addresses for the creators_id (or null)… I’m sure this is all possible and I’m just missing something really obvious!


So given the above I have (naturally!) a number of questions:


1)      Is it possible to update the search so instead of author name you could put in a user id and get all of the items for which they’re an author?

2)      Is there any documentation on setting up and using the REST API?

3)      Can anyone let me know the tables/fields where I can link author id to user id to eprint id?


The latter seems like it should be really easy (if I could find the right linking tables/fields), and the former requires the core code to be updated which I’d prefer not to if I can help it.  #2 seems like it should be the “right” way to go about it, assuming I can query it sufficiently and then make updates via the REST API and if there’s any documentation.


Many thanks for any advice!







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