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[EP-tech] Import DOI Issue


> This thread is a bit old: we tried to change the URL to http://doi.crossref.org/openurl but we still get an error message (and not the 301 one):
> Unhandled exception in Import::DOI: Can't call method "getDocumentElement" on a?
> n undefined value at /opt/eprints/perl_lib/EPrints/Plugin/Import/DOI.pm line 77?
> , <$fh> line 2.
> Unhandled warning in Import::DOI: [Fri Feb 17 09:27:01 2017] -e: http error : U?
> nknown IO error
Same issue and same error-message here.
A change of the URL brought no effect the error kept the same.

Any hint is greatly appreciated.

Best regards


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