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Re: [EP-tech] Thumbnail for latest_tool

Hi Caitlin,

The thumbnails are created as part of the indexer process.

There is a queue of items that the indexer works through - so if you have a lot of content that has just been added, it may take a while for the indexer to catch-up.

You can see how many items are in your indexer queue, and check that the indexer is running by going into the Admin interface (as an admin user), and selecting:

Admin -> Systems Tools -> Status.

You should see something like:

Indexer Status: Running

Background Task Queue: 123 Tasks


The '# Tasks' is a link that will show you more details about the items.


As for displaying the thumbnails on your home page, how are you adding them?

The index page is normally static (which might be why the thumbnails aren't showing - as when the page was last generated, the thumbnails hadn't at that point been generated).

To test this, you could edit the index.xpage file, which will regenerate the static version (just changing the modification time is enough e.g. something like this on the server

> touch <eprints_root>/archives/<archiveid>/cfg/lang/<language>/static/index.xpage

should do it).


If you are adding the latest items dynamically (via _javascript_), then something else might be happening - let us know if the above helps.


Additional info:

The latest_tool can be configured to use different 'modes'. These modes can also use different citation formats.

Have a look in:

<eprints_root>/archives/<archiveid>/cfg/cfg.d/latest_tool.pl - there should be some comments that help.


The default citation style for the latest_tool is 'result' (the same as for a search) - which will display up to two thumbnails. This file is located at:


You could change the citation used, or (if dynamically adding the latest items via JS), use a different format for the latest_tool output.


Hope that helps a bit - welcome to EPrints!






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I'm new to Eprints but I want to add thumbnails and preview to the latest_tool on my home page. When I click on More.. the thumbnails appear nicely. I read that thumbnails happen in the background when indexing runs. Just wondering if I have to configure latest_tool on my own for those images to appear? 


Thanks for the help. 



Caitlin Ryan 

Library Specialist, Sr.