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[EP-tech] Another import thing!

Hello all!


Despite what it may look like I AM making SOME progress with my import work at this end. I’ve managed to consolidate our users from the two table structure that we have in place so that we can get them all in and start generating the relevant pages. I have, however, found a new issue on importing records which MIGHT have fixed the issue I was reporting before – I can’t confirm this, however, as this new error is bailing the import function entirely.


So, I re-ran the whole export from our live repository to be met with an error which indicated I needed to bring across a function in MetaField/Name.pm which pertained to a change that was put in by EPrints Services back in 2011 (as documented in the comments for our AuthorID.pm which I’d previously brought in) Reintroducing this seemed to let the import run without a hitch until it hit a specific record and generated the error:


EPrints::MetaField::Name::ordervalue_basic called on something other than a hash.


Looking at the Name.pm file, the function that generates this is as follows:


sub ordervalue_basic


                my( $self , $value ) = @_;


                unless( ref($value) =~ m/^HASH/ ) {

                                EPrints::abort( "EPrints::MetaField::Name::ordervalue_basic called on something other than a hash." );



                my @a;

                foreach( "family", "lineage", "given", "honourific" )


                                if( defined $value->{$_} )


                                                push @a, $value->{$_};




                                                push @a, "";



                return join( "\t" , @a );



However I’m not entirely sure what it’s supposed to be doing (other than perhaps ordering authors by their name?) or why it threw the error – it was around 1350 records into the import when the error through so clearly earlier records were a-ok. Any thoughts as to how I can crack this open and figure out what it’s failing on?




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