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[EP-tech] DataCite DOI plugins

Thanks Lizz and Rory (and the other contributors to the updated DataCiteDOI plugin),

OK, #4 is what I ended up starting with (https://github.com/eprintsug/DataCiteDoi).

However, this one also doesn't seem to work, not as-is anyway.  DataCite rejects the XML due to an error with an unexpected <givenName> <familyName> fields in the XML.  For example, it produces this XML for creators:

<creatorName>Neugebauer, Tomasz</creatorName>
<nameIdentifier schemeURI="http://orcid.org/"; nameIdentifierScheme="ORCID">0000-0002-9743-5910</nameIdentifier>

But the declared schema doesn't allow for <givenName> and <familyName> elements.

<xs:element name="creators">
<xs:element name="creator" maxOccurs="unbounded">
The main researchers involved working on the data, or the authors of the publication in priority order. May be a corporate/institutional or personal name.
<xs:documentation>Format: Family, Given.</xs:documentation>
<xs:element name="creatorName">
<xs:restriction base="nonemptycontentStringType"/>
<xs:element name="nameIdentifier" minOccurs="0">
<xs:extension base="nonemptycontentStringType">
<xs:attribute name="nameIdentifierScheme" use="required"/>


I suppose we should move the technical discussion onto the GitHub for the DataCite plugin.

Is there a way to activate and coin a DOI using the command line for testing purposes?

Thank you so much for working on the DataCite plugin, and I hope we can have a working Bazaar plugin for this.


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Hi Tomasz,

We're using Number 4 - it's very reliable.  We've extended the metadata profile to export a lot more fields than the default, and made some tweaks to navigate our firewall, but otherwise use it as is.


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Hi Tomasz,

Number 4 is the one we're keeping up to date.

The original did not actually read the response from the datacite API to see whether the request to mint a DOI had been successful. This had led to the possibility of DOIs being faithfully kept in EPrints that datacite had no valid record for and therefore did not resolve.

We also added the action to allow administrators to mint DOIs by-button, as well as a few other features and bug fixes along the way.

Additional to that we are currently working with a number of institutions in the UK to map more EPrints metadata over to the optional Datacite metadata elements (whilst providing hooks to allow for a customised profile mapping where necessary)



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Subject: [EP-tech] DataCite DOI plugins

I'm trying to install DataCite DOI minting plugin and having difficulties figuring out the best starting place.

We have these sources:



This one looks like an early version from 2013.

We also have this code in GitHub:


Is this the same code as 307?



This one shows up twice in the Bazaar "Available" search for DOI (once as version 1.0.0 and then again as 1.1.0), both lead to this URL (http://bazaar.eprints.org/id/epm/DataCiteDoi-dev)

-          No file list



-          No File List - doesn't seem to be working


And source here:


-          This looks to have some updates, a button to control the DOI minting.

Which of these sources is the best place to start in terms of getting DataCite DOI minting working on a repository?


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may I follow up on this one. Unfortunately, the bazaar package of DataCite DOI plugin version 1.1.0, URL http://bazaar.eprints.org/439/, uploaded January 2016, is defect. EPrints 3.3.15 error message reads:

"No files found in package". The data in the epm package is not extractable. So do I have to do it manually, de-base64 files from .epmi and spoon-feed them to the system, download the files from GitHub, or how? :-)

Can I find the e-mail of a bazaar package maintainer somewhere, who may or may not be also the creator of the code, to notify in such cases?

Kind regards


Am 08.02.2016 um 10:24 schrieb Florian He?:

> Hi E-Prints users and devs,


> there are currently to versions of the DataCite DOI plugin,


>    * https://github.com/eprintsug/DataCiteDoi - fork, not installable

> through EPrints basar, on-demand or automatic DOI coining.


>    * https://github.com/eprints/datacite - original version, installable

> through E-Prints basar, auto-only DOI coining that bothers me after

> recent experiences from triggered magic in Coverpage plugin.


> So, is there maybe a specific reason why the User Group version is not

> packed in an EPM package, yet?



> Regards

> Florian



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