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[EP-tech] RSS (2.0) items sort

I need to be able to export in RSS format, the results of an advanced search sorted by date.

In my attempts to do that, if I do the following steps:

1) Perform advanced search 
2) Reorder results "by year (most recent first)" 
3) Export to RSS

I get the RSS feed that I want, sorted correctly, but the URL has a "&cache=#7_digit_number#" at the end, for example "cache=2166198".
The URL without the cache parameter shows an unsorted RSS export, so it looks like the sorting is done only on the cached copy?
Does that mean that a user can't subscribe to that search result as an RSS feed (as it is only a temporary cached copy, and furthermore it will not change if additional items are added to the repository)?

I found the related question on the list from last year that I think was never answered (included below).
How do we sort an RSS export from the advanced search?


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Hello there,

What are the ways to sort the RSS feed items produced by RSS2.pm through the "/cgi/search/archive/advanced/export_<archive_id>_RSS2.xml" interface in another order than "Date Deposited" ?
- in an interactive way from an end-user point of view ?
- adding parameters to the URL ??
- modifying the code ???
- in RSS2.pm or elsewhere before ????

Thanks for your answers...

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