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[EP-tech] Eprints Windows installation Issue

  I am trying to install eprint for my windows server 2003. i have follow
all the installation steps guided in wiki page of eprints.

I have installed
Apache 2.2.25
Active Perl 2.20.3 build 2003
MySQl 5.5

All the above software are installed successfully

this error is occuring ->

C:\EPrints\bin>perl epadmin create

Can't locate EPrints/SystemSettings.pm in @INC (you may
nts::SystemSettings module) (@INC contains: /opt/eprints
erl_lib C:/Perl/site/lib C:/Perl/lib .) at EPrints.pm li
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at EPrints.pm line 3.
Compilation failed in require at epadmin line 179.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at epadmin line 179.

while it has Eprints.pm file inside C:\Eprints\perl_lib

and please also tell after installing eprints how to configure eprints

Thank You
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