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Re: [EP-tech] epc and citation templates

Hi Matt,

How do you get your list of related EPrintIDs?

Are they stored in a field, or calculated dynamically?


Lizz’s suggestion is good.

If you *really* want to constrain yourself to use logic in the citation files, you will need to inject some extra methods into the EPrints::Script::Compiled module *unless* your EPrintIDs are stored in an ‘Itemref’ field.

If they’re in an Itemref field, you can use the ‘as_item’ method.


If they’re not, you can add something like (pseudo code!)

package EPrints::Script::Compiled

sub run_datasetid_and_id_to_dataobj


   my( $self, $state, $datasetid, $id) = @_;


  # turn $datasetid and $id into a dataobj


  # return [ $dataobj ];



And then use <epc:print expr=”datasetid_and_id_to_dataobj( ‘eprint’, $eprintid ).citation(‘default’)” />


An example of this technique at the end of this file: http://bazaar.eprints.org/207/1/epm/containers/cfg/cfg.d/z_containers.pl






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You can write a render method in eprint_render.pl (or wherever you have that configuration as it can be overridden).


I’ve used this as I have created a parent-child functionality, but you could obviously adapt this to what you were wanting to include.




(and sorry for all the embedded styles in there, it’s a temporary measure…)


You write the code to a fragment, and can then include the fragment in the summary_page.xml file.





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Subject: [EP-tech] epc and citation templates


Hi All,


I am experimenting with the summary_page xml file and I am wondering if there is a way to call or embed the citations for other ePrint items, to end up with a sort of ‘other papers’ type section…


I know the ePrintID’s for the items I am interested in, but I can’t see anything in the wiki about how to call a citation for a specific item, aside from the standard method, where $item is the current object.


<epc:print expr="$item.citation('default')" />


Any ideas would be appreciated…





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