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[EP-tech] select and mysql 5.6.27

Il 07/03/2016 10:25, David R Newman ha scritto:
> Hi Paolo,
> As John says Xapian will do a much better job handling such searches.
> Other options without switching to Xapian are:
> 1. Remove 'documents' field from simple search as this by far has the
> most entries in the index.  It is unusual for a user to actual need full
> text search and they can always use advanced search if they do.

I've removed the fulltext from the epindexer. You can find an email 
about this in the mailing list. I just return an empty string for the 
fulltext, I don't know if there are better solutions...

That's because the insert of new terms took so long it was unusable and 
the indexer stalled (I had to clear the queue).

Yuri Carrer

  CAB - Centro di Ateneo per le Biblioteche, Universit? di Padova
  Tel: 049/827 3615 - Via Anghinoni, 3 - Padova