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[EP-tech] render a field value in other than current language


  I'm sending an email from Eprints (workflow step). The mail is 
multilang (italian and english), so I would like to reuse existing 
render_value/citation  (document citation, compound fields like names) 
but they are displayed in the current language. Is it possible to pass 
an option to render_value/citation in eprints to have the field rendered 
in a different language?

For example, something like:

  my $a_field_it = $eprint->render_value("a_field", langid="it");
  my $a_field_en = $eprint->render_value("a_field", langid="en");

where a_field is a compound and:

$doctd->appendChild( $doc->render_citation_link(langid="it") );

for a document citation.

Thanks for any help/hint!