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[EP-tech] Suggested changes to EPrints 3 in 2016

Hi ep-tech,

Sorry for the long silence. Since the community contributions day in
December I have been playing more with EPrints. I was hoping to find a
roadmap for EPrints 3 development but couldn't so I am proposing one. My
aims are largely to try and simplify EPrints to make future development and
support more straight forward. I would like participants of the list to
take a look at the plan reply with

* Comments or questions about the plan
* Proposed changes or extensions to the plan
* Things I have not thought of

You can see the roadmap here

So far I have started by implementing new unit tests for list and XHTML.
This seems like a non-contentious part of the plan to start with. No one
every complains about more tests.

Please let me know what you all think



'But your intentions are beside the point, It's the outcome of your actions
that count...'
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