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[EP-tech] Rerecorded training video (has sound now)

Hi Adam,

since I have trouble to edit the wiki page directly (cf. the attached screen shot),
you get the suggested tags by mail:
* [https://youtu.be/F19zzi1Uggs?t=00m00s 00:00 - Introduction to purpose]
* [https://youtu.be/F19zzi1Uggs?t=00m18s 00:18 - Explanation of search form]
* [https://youtu.be/F19zzi1Uggs?t=00m43s 00:43 - 1st example: search of retired items]
* [https://youtu.be/F19zzi1Uggs?t=01m18s 01:18 - 2nd example: search in helpless user's inbox]