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[EP-tech] Re: Javascript, workflow question

Hi Raffaele,

Set up a autocompletion can not be the solution. Managers must be able to interact more deeply with idref: search, select a person, create information, etc. I'm looking to implement a solution that interacts with a web application and could be call via the Eprints workflow using the data entered in the workflow. I do not know if I'm clear!

The scenario would be: I entered authors information (full name) in the form Eprints. I click on a button that calls the associated idref application. The search is in the external application. If the external repository contains information about the author, the manager is able to get the data (identifier) in the workflow eprints, if it does not exist, managers identified in the external application (idref) can create and collect in return an identifier in Eprints.

I do not know how to properly build this functionality in Eprints.

 Thanks anyway.


PS : sorry for my poor english

Le 05/02/2016 18:24, raffaele messuti a écrit :
On 05/02/16 16:12, Jean-Marie Le Bechec wrote:
What is the most appropriate and proper way to add a button or url (with
an associated action) in the workflow repository?
you should take a look on autocompletion with an external api:

more easily, if you can export a static file with idref authority:

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