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[EP-tech] Import from ORCID

I recently installed the Import from ORCID plugin (http://bazaar.eprints.org/354/)  on our repository, and it works really well. 

Thanks so much to the developer(s) of this excellent plugin.


A couple of questions:


1.       Is there any reason not to make this plugin available to regular “user” accounts?

2.       How difficult would it be to do some basic ‘duplicate’ detection as a part of this plugin?  What I mean is, could the plugin check and signal which of the items in ORCID are already in the repository?


I also have a related question about managing ORCID ids as a part of the user profile in the repository.

I added the ORCID id to user profile fields, so that users can associate their ORCID ID to their accounts. 

 It shouldn’t be too difficult to check for an ORCID id of the currently logged in user, and if it exists, populate the import box with it by default. 

Would it also make sense to add the ORCID id to the creator/author metadata?  Any comments on the best practice of doing that, given that ORCID ids should be useful in metadata interoperability/export.