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[EP-tech] Advanced Search by date


My university asked me to help them with some eprints problems - I 
didn't even know what eprints was - in only 2 weeks. I managed to 
correct all problems thanks to your documentation, but I'm stuck with 
the last problem and I have no error message to help me to resolve it.

First, when we used our advanced search and sorted results by date, it 
only sorted it by author name even if we had a date > author > title 
sorting.  Now, I manage to sort it by date, but only from 2010 to 2015. 
Before - probably an upgrade of eprints they told me - it's sometimes in 
the right order, but sometimes not and, in this case, the order is by 
the author name.

I don't know how to reorder the wrong ones. I checked my tables and saw 
an "eprints__order_values_fr" - we don't use it's EN version. I don't 
know if the problem is there but when thesis are in the good order, they 
appear in this table and when they're in the wrong order, they're not in 

Could you please tell me how to correct this wrong behavior please ? 
Thank you.