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[EP-tech] Re: EPrints and RSS feeds


Have you got an example for us to take a look at?

In the RSS feed, there are probably links you want/need (e.g in the individual <item>s).


The RSS feeds are generated as an export from





- the key to what you’re trying to do may well be in one of these…





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Subject: [EP-tech] EPrints and RSS feeds


Hi everyone,


Just wondering if anybody has experience changing the way that RSS feeds display citation information. I'm trying to eliminate links as they are adding an additional space that's causing confusion with third-party sites that consume the RSS feed. 


By default, in perl_lib/EPrints/XHTML.pm, show_links is enabled with show_links => 0. I tried changing the 0 to a 1 and to undef, but the link still persists. Likewise, I also tried modifying the _to_text_dump subroutine in perl_lib/EPrints/XHTML.pm by specifying that $contents .= "", but the link still shows.


Any thoughts or suggestions on where else I should look would be much appreciated as I'm still learning the ins and outs of EPrints.


Have a great weekend!







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