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[EP-tech] problem with multiple archives

Hi Everybody,


we have some trouble with our eprints installation using multiple archives.  

In our test configuration we use a CentOS 7 with Eprints 3.3.14.


If we use just one archive within Eprints everything is ok, but if we add a second one we run into several errors. 

First of all, the second archive is also created with ?bin/epadmin create?. 

After finishing the installation, the archive is available under the corresponding url.

The main problem is that most of the generated links/urls are wrong on the web pages for the second archive.

The links are pointing to the first archive. 

So it is not possible to create a user or a new item for the second archive, because of the missing links.


Why does eprints generate wrong links on the web pages?

Do we have to extend the eprints configuration or change something in the httpd.conf?





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