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[EP-tech] Re: Plugins: enabled by default?

Hi Thomas,
Thanks for taking a look at this.

If you add the following line to ~/archives/ARCHIVEID/cfg/cfg.d/z_plugin_test.pl:
$c->{plugins}->{"Screen::PluginTestA"}->{params}->{disable} = 0;

For one of the archives, you should get a screen that doesn't show the error on that archive, and a screen that does show the error on the other one.

The load order is an interesting one too - I hadn't noticed this before...


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Sent: 02 November 2015 16:50
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Subject: Re: Plugins: enabled by default?

Hi John,

> If you can test this, I'd appreciate it.
sorry, both plugins fail in tests on our 3.3.14 by 'The requested screen does not exist, or has a fatal error: PluginTest[AB].'
How to check if they fail 'the right way' (not by some misconfiguration ...)?

I noticed an arbitrary loading of the repos:
[Mon Nov 02 17:24:11.174963 2015] [perl:notice] [pid 32758] EPrints archives loaded: b40literatur, B40
[Mon Nov 02 17:25:22.252305 2015] [perl:notice] [pid 32758] EPrints archives loaded: B40, b40literatur

> PluginTestA can be disabled by adding archive-level config
Also this fails by 'Plugin 'Screen::PluginTestA' not found.' in apache's error.log