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[EP-tech] Re: Possible importing BibTeX bug in monograph

Hi Thomas!

Well...that's the bug :)! I know your XML contains the string "technicalreport" (that's why you got the warning, if it was empty you wouldn't get it), but this value is wrong: it should be "technical_report" instead (as I said in my previous email, and as the BibTeX code tries to put). That's why for the specific entry, the details section (through the web interface) should contain an empty "Technical Report" field. If it was correct, it would have shown a bullet in "Technical Report". So, by your answer I presume that yours is also empty, and hence tomorrow I'll file the report (not early in the morning :)).


On 29/10/2015 06:07 μμ, Thomas Lauke wrote:
Hi George,

you must see it's empty.
no, it's filled :)
Please check your XML export carefully (not in the morning ;)):
It should contain the language independent
<monograph_type>technicalreport</monograph_type> ...!?

If you confirm this (or anybody else), I'll file a bug report to EPrints
the one and only thing that's missing now:
should contain a line with
<epp:phrase id="eprint_fieldopt_monograph_type_technicalreport" ref="Technical report" />
Probably all other options are missing also ...!?

This line should be integrated into (maybe implied by these lines ...)


BTW: Some additional lines missing in <EprintsPath>/lib/lang/en/phrases/system.xml follows:
eprint_fieldhelp_editors (en) at line 477 in /usr/share/eprints3/perl_lib/EPrints/MetaField.pm
<epp:phrase id="eprint_fieldhelp_editors">Specify the responsible person for publication.</epp:phrase>

lib/searchfield:help_counter (en) at line 757 in /usr/share/eprints3/perl_lib/EPrints/Search/Field.pm
<epp:phrase id="lib/searchfield:help_counter">Enter a specific number or a range (Min.., Min..Max, ..Max) for the unique database identifier.</epp:phrase>

... and maybe (unfortunately I couldn't recover my modifications) due to phrase renaming
<epp:phrase id="eprint:workflow:stage:type:title">Type</epp:phrase>
     <epp:phrase id="eprint:workflow:stage:files:title">Upload</epp:phrase>
     <epp:phrase id="eprint:workflow:stage:core:title">Details</epp:phrase>
     <epp:phrase id="eprint:workflow:stage:pubinfo:title">Publication</epp:phrase>
     <epp:phrase id="eprint:workflow:stage:status:title">Status</epp:phrase>
     <epp:phrase id="eprint:workflow:stage:event:title">Event</epp:phrase>
     <epp:phrase id="eprint:workflow:stage:abstract:title">Abstract</epp:phrase>
     <epp:phrase id="eprint:workflow:stage:subjects:title">Subjects</epp:phrase>
     <epp:phrase id="eprint:workflow:stage:notes:title">Extras</epp:phrase>
     <epp:phrase id="eprint:workflow:stage:local:title">Custom</epp:phrase>

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