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[EP-tech] Re: citation modification


At http://wiki.eprints.org/w/API:EPrints/MetaField#Rendering,
the parameters order seems to be different than yours:
$repo first, then $field...

Le 13 octobre 2015 18:03:46 CEST, Thomas Lauke <th.lauke at arcor.de> a ?crit :
>Hi Adam,
>> Ah, it's a compound multiple field.
>as usual ;)
>> You need to render creators_name, not creators.  
>> Also, try putting the render_single_value in the name subfield
>> Let us know if it works.
>After integration of your above mentioned modifications, I got the
>following output:
>That's it:Foote+ H.W.
>Can't locate object method "xml" via package "EPrints::MetaField::Name"
>at (eval 63) line 13.
>... thus the code stops at the first creator.
>The rendering routine looks like
>$c->{render_name_with_initials} = sub
>        my( $field, $repo, $value ) = @_;
>        my $family = $value->{family};
>        my $given = $value->{given};
>        print STDERR "family:", $family, "\n";
>        print STDERR "given:", $given, "\n";
>        my $name = $family . '+ ' . $given;
>        print STDERR "That's it:", $name, "\n";
>        return $repo->xml->create_text_node( $name );
>Which object method should be used instead?
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