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[EP-tech] Re: Have multiple versions of an eprint show in searches


Here's the reasoning for wanting all versions to show:

1. Many researchers would like to see the lineages of an argument, the 
way it develops over time in subsequent versions. Right now, this is 
impossible to see since earlier versions are not shown in searchers and 

2. Sometimes, I use the version links to connect different postings of 
the same paper -- the first might be a discussion paper, the second a 
magazine article and the third an academic journal article. I like all 
to be accessible, but right now only the last one is \

3. I also would like to be able to adjust this feature after I create 
the links. Right now, I can link two publications only when I create the 
new one. Once the publication is created as a new version of an older 
one, this status cannot be changed. In Eprints 2, this later adjustment 
was possible, and I would be very grateful if you could reintroduce it 
into the metadata menu.


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Not without development, I'm afraid.  What's your use-case?  Would it be sufficient to highlight search results as having multiple versions?

Adam Field
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On 2 Oct 2015, at 13:27, Michael Street < mstreet@yorku.ca> wrote:


Is there a way to deposit something as a more recent version of something else, yet have both of them continue to produce results in searches?

Currently the older version gets automatically set to not show up in searches.

Let me know thanks,
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