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[EP-tech] Re: changing default user type

When I've had fiddly automatic values to apply in the past, I've done it in document_fields_automatic.  This can sometimes be necessary because we don't have an actual object when default fields are set.  Using the best practice of cfg.d file changes by feature in new files, create a file called z_user_type_default.pl:

#flag to make sure w
$c->add_dataset_field('document', { name => 'automatic_fields_applied', type => 'int', volatile => 1 });

#save reference to original automatic function
$c->{set_document_automatic_fields_user_type_default} = $c->{set_document_automatic_fields};

$c->{set_document_automatic_fields} = sub
	my( $doc ) = @_;

	#first call original automatic function
	$doc->repository->call('set_document_automatic_fields_user_type_default', $doc);

	if (
		|| $eprint->value('automatic_fields_applied') == 1
		#set default values here
		$user->set_value('usertype', 'wizard');

		$eprint->set_value('automatic_fields_applied', 1);


You'll need to run epadmin update to add the new field to the database, and I've just typed the code into the email, so it will probably have bugs.  Also, you're unlikely to have a 'wizard' user type (though I can see lots of up-sides to having it), so you might want to change that to an actual user type.

Finally, note that this is almost certainly a *really* bad idea.  However, you opened with 'simple experiment', and I'm all for that kind of thing.

Adam Field
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EPrints Services
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On 2 Sep 2015, at 04:14, Matthew Brady wrote:

> Hi All,
> I thought this would be a simple experiment… change the default value for a user record when it gets created from ‘user’ to ‘editor’.
> Altering the local file …/archive/xxxxx/cfg/cfg.d/user_fields_default.pl file to include the line
> $data->{type} =      "editor";
> Doesn’t appear to work as expected…
> Even altering a default (that I didn’t know existed, until I tried to figure out what was going wrong!)
> Within …/perl_lib/EPrints/DataObj/User.pm, there is a sub ‘get_system_field_info’, that contains a default setting as well…
> { name=>"usertype", type=>"namedset", required=>1,
>               set_name=>"user", input_style=>"medium", default_value=>"user" },
> Anyone got any ideas ?
> Cheers
> Matt
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