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[EP-tech] Re: [spam?] Re: file restriction eprints 3.3.14

Glad it was helpfull :) .. I think that it would be useful if you put a comment with your solution on github too.


On 08/25/2015 08:15 PM, Leonardo Mezzina wrote:
Thank you Alen for pointing out the issue for me, I worked a long long
time ago with security.pl and I almost forgot its existence. By the way
I just copied the default security.pl in the lib folder, the method used
there to retrieve the ip seems working.

   my $ip = $doc->repository->remote_ip();

Best, L.

Il 25/08/2015 18:00, alen vodopijevec ha scritto:

There is an issue submited (with a temporary fix) here:


On 08/25/2015 12:43 PM, Leonardo Mezzina wrote:
Hello everyone,
I just upgraded Eprints 3.3.11 on Ubuntu 12.04 to eprints 3.3.14 on
Ubuntu 14.04. Everything is working but the file restriction. In fact,
Eprints allow the public download of  attached documents to an  eprint
publication even if it the docu

ments are restricted. The template for
rendering document correctly recognize the restriction.
I am wondering if there are some issue with Apache 2.4 and the
restriction mechanism? Anyone experienced something similar?

Thanks! Leonardo

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