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[EP-tech] Re: Bug with editorial rights restrictions when using both divisions and subjects

I have replicated this problem on a fresh 3.3.14 install, and shall pass the information on the the dev team to take a look at.

Adam Field
Business Relationship Manager and Community Lead
EPrints Services

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On 16 Jul 2015, at 22:42, George Mamalakis <mamalos at eng.auth.gr> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I am using EPrints 3.3.14 using a debian installation and I am facing 
> the following problem:
> When I restrict one of my editors using both MORE THAN ONE divisions and 
> MORE THAN ONE subjects by having selected "any of these" both for 
> divisions and subjects, and somebody deposits a document for review that 
> is assigned for one of the editor's divisions and one of the editor's 
> subjects, the document is not presented in the editor's review list. If 
> divisions restrictions or subjects are removed, the document is 
> presented in the review list, as it should. This bug is not present when 
> only one division and one subject is selected.
> Has anyone faced this problem again? If so, is it resolved in EPrints 
> 3.3.15?
> Thanks all in advance,
> George.
> -- 
> George Mamalakis
> IT and Security Officer,
> Electrical and Computer Engineer (Aristotle Univ. of Thessaloniki),
> PhD (Aristotle Univ. of Thessaloniki),
> MSc (Imperial College of London)
> School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
> Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
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