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[EP-tech] Re: Double Encoded URL

Hey Tim,

We essentially just setup our CAS authentication to work using the webserver authentication instructions. (http://wiki.eprints.org/w/Webserver_authentication)

We used the login-autocreate script and really just modified everything to use CAS instead of shibboleth. If you need more detail than that let me know and I can go deeper. Thanks again!


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Hi Rob,

I've implemented CAS with EPrints a few times so I may be able to help.

Can you share some more details about how you've set things up?



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Subject: [EP-tech] Double Encoded URL


We have recently tried to implement webserver authentication via CAS to our 3.3.14 development instance. We have it working to the point that when logging in it redirects to our CAS login page but the url is double encoded(see below) and because of the double encoding the redirect back to our eprints instance doesn't occur.


It seems that the CAS auth module is encoding it once and then eprints is then encoding it again.  Is there a way to get eprints to realize that the url has already been encoded and to not encode it again?

Rob Glover

Systems Engineer

Fort Lewis IT Department

rwglover at fortlewis.edu<mailto:rwglover at fortlewis.edu>


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