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[EP-tech] Auto complete not working for authors

Hi all,

I've just upgraded our ePrints repository from 3.2.7 to 3.3.13 and I'm 
trying to fix all the bugs I can find.  Before the upgrade, the auto 
complete never worked in the deposit workflow but now it's working just 
fine for the title of the document but not for the rest of the fields 
(author, etc.).  And when I look at the apache log, I see a lot of 
errors like this one :

SQL ERROR (execute): SELECT COUNT(`eprint`.`eprintid`)  AS  
e_lineage`,`creators_name_honourific`,`creators_id` FROM `eprint` LEFT 
JOIN `eprint_creators_name` ON 
`eprint`.`eprintid`=`eprint_creators_name`.`eprintid` LEFT JOIN 
`eprint_creators_id` ON 
`eprint_creators_name`.`eprintid`=`eprint_creators_id`.`eprintid`  AND 
`eprint_creators_name`.`pos`=`eprint_creators_id`.`pos`  WHERE  
`eprint`.`eprint_status`='archive' AND `creators_name_family` COLLATE 
utf8_general_ci LIKE 'Perron%' AND `creators_name_given` COLLATE 
utf8_general_ci LIKE 'Mathieu%'GROUP BY 
eators_name_honourific`,`creators_id` ORDER BY `num_matches` 
SQL ERROR (execute): COLLATION 'utf8_general_ci' is not valid for 
DBD::mysql::st fetchrow_array failed: fetch() without execute() at 
/eprints3/cgi/users/lookup/name line 61.
DBD::mysql::st execute failed: COLLATION 'utf8_general_ci' is not valid 
for CHARACTER SET 'latin1' at /eprints3/pe�ɱ}����Aɥ����х��͔���)��������()!�܁����$�ɕͽ�ٔ�ѡ�͔������$���ٔ�Ѽ��������ѡ������ձЀ)�����������ȁѡ����х��͔�����ѡ����������ѡ�������������ȁ�������յ�̸��)$���ͼ�ɕ���镐�ѡ�Ёѡ�ɔ��ɔ�ͽ������յ�͕́ЁѼ���ѥ�ā����ͽ���Ѽ�)�����ѡ��ͅ���х�������������������Ф���%́ѡ�́����������ȁ�ȁ�Ս����ɕ���ѕ������()5�ѡ��ԁA����)%P�Q���������)	�����ѣ����A�հ�%�����	�ձ��U��ٕ������ԁE��������