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[EP-tech] Re: DB slow down.

Hmm - are all the actions (action field in the table) related to indexing?  I'm certainly no expert on the intricacies of it all, but I do know that, for instance, the IRUS plugin uses the event queue to record when it was unable to contact the main IRUS servers to report a download, so it can attempt to do so at a later date.
I'll leave it to Adam or someone with a more in-depth knowledge of eprints events to advise as to whether you could simply clear the event queue, or whether that would cause you subsequent problems...


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On 25/02/15 17:25, Alan.Stiles wrote:
> My first thought is "is your indexer running?" as our event_queue table currently has 4 items in it - 4 rows.  These get removed as the indexer processes the items.
> What is the oldest date in your table?  And can you do a count of the statuses in the table?

We don't.... but then, we don't need to index anything as we have no text-searching (and why waste clock-cycles creating full-text searching we won't use)


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