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[EP-tech] EPrints 3.3.15 released

Dear EPrints Technical Community Members:

We are pleased to announce that EPrints 3.3.15 is now available and we 
would like to invite you to download and test this minor release.
Packages for Ubuntu, Centos, Redhat and a tarball are now available from 

Here's a summary of some of the key updates and fixes:

     Added ability to select default import/export plugin
     New ?dry run update? feature in epadmin script telling you which 
tables and columns will be added to your SQL database
     Maria-db sorting issue on manage deposits screen fixed
     Preview window location updated after the prototype 1.71 update
     Additional checks to remove unnecessary log messages (cleaner log)
     Counter compliance of 304 responses
     Day-of-week and day-of-month logic bug fixed
     Improved rendering of possible DOI links

The full change log can be accessed here 

If you find any issues/bugs with this specific release please let us 
know by replying to this email thread with the details.  I will be 
returning from leave in mid-January to review these before making this 
release available on our Debian and Redhat repositories.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the EPrints core over the 
past year.  We look forward to seeing you on EP-tech in the new year!

Jiadi Yao
EPrints Core Developer
EPrints Services