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[EP-tech] How to add functions for use in citations ?


I would like to add a function to work on varaibles in citations (like 
the ones in perl_lib/EPrints/Script/Compiled.pm).
I have already written the one we need... (basically it changes 
occurrences of #...# in titles or abstracts to italics)

I have added a :
     sub run_crd_make_ital { ... }
in perl_lib/EPrints/Script/Compiled.pm.

It works, but I don't like modifying core files.

Is it possible to do something like what we do for Plugins :  write a 
module in archives/ID/plugins/EPrints/Scripts/... and make it extend the 
core module ?
I tried a few things but none worked.

Do you have any idea about the right way to do it ?