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[EP-tech] Importing and displaying subjects/divisions (again - but with fixes)

Hello all,

Just to contribute to the debate around import and display of subjects/divisions in 3.3.13.

1) Can't import subjects/divisions

When you run "bin/import_subjects foo" nothing actually gets imported meaning users can't deposit new items (by default at least one subject heading must be selected).

I posted a fix for this a while ago:


2) Subjects/divisions displayed in all languages

I just created a pull request which should fix this (shout if it doesn't):


(also, while I'm here can I give https://github.com/eprintsug a small plug)


Tim (an EPrints developer in a previous life ;-)
Timothy Miles-Board
Web & Repositories Development Specialist, University of London Computer Centre
020 7863 1342  |  07742 970 351  | timothy.miles-board at london.ac.uk | @drtjmb
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