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[EP-tech] IRStats 2 & EPrints 3.3.13



We have installed IRStats 2 in a Eprints 3.3.13 test environment. I am not
getting any country statistics or Google Maps data in the canned reports,
even though they are in the default configuration file.


I am just wondering if the following section from the installation manual
also applies to EPrints 3.3.10++.  Do we need these 2 patches for EPrints
3.3.13 with IRStats 2? 


EPrints 3.3.1 to 3.3.10

You need to install IRStats2 from the Bazaar as above but you need to
apply a few patches. Note that you only really need these patches to have
the Google "map of the world" working. Everything else should work as
normal without the patches.

The patches relate to an incompatibility between the Prototype JS library
(used by EPrints) and Google Charts (used by IRStats2). The two patches
you need to apply are: 

*	Upgrade Prototype
*	Fix auto-completers



Greg Whitney

Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal


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