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[EP-tech] Re: File Upload customisation

I can see that, but each Upload section behaves the same, whereas I'd 
like one to set the content field to "data" and one to "metadata" for 
example.  Likewise, there doesn't seem to be an obvious way of filtering 
the documents - I can repeat the list of documents, but not with only 
the specific content types.

I've tried duplicating the Upload component with a different name, just 
to see if I could get a separate one to modify, but it doesn't find the 
component type, which makes me think I'm doing something horribly wrong, 
but all I can find on the wiki is that it's easy to add a new component 


On 04/08/2014 09:11, Yuri wrote:
> Use the workflow to send user to a different upload section, with
> different fields/values. You can have multiple upload sections, check
> workflows/default.xml
> Il 01/08/2014 13:56, Lizz Jennings ha scritto:
>> Hello all,
>> Has anyone done anything interesting with file uploads?  I'd like to
>> present the screen quite differently to users, essentially repeating the
>> upload option, but with different defaults in separate sections, and
>> then just displaying the list of files with those defaults.
>> I'm honestly a bit stuck on how to do this - I can get separate screens,
>> but they just duplicate everything.  I can get the workflows to do
>> something if a criteria is met, but it does it to everything even if
>> only one part matches.
>> Any ideas?
>> Lizz
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