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[EP-tech] Re: History dataset, or IRStats 'History' processor

No need to be sorry ? the fact that the history dataset is processed and available within IRstats2 is a great help :o)

I?ll see if I can work it out from here!


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I added the history processor for some sort of proof of concept but I removed the reports from z_irstats2.pl so you'll have to re-write them (the configuration, that is). You should be able to plot a graph per history action (move_X_Y for instance or "delete"/"remove" - sorry I forgot the exact terminology but a quick look at the mysql tables should help)

One use was to plot the number of eprints that go live per day (from the buffer) but there are many other uses. I should have documented those, sorry!...


On 27.10.2014 15:14, John Salter wrote:


I'm looking into some statistics that I've been asked to provide (or, whether I can provide them at all).

One of them is a measure of the eprint_status over time - to measure how much processing we have to do, and whether we're dealing with it in a timely manner.

The answer to the query can probably be answered using the 'history' dataset - which stores timestamps for when items are moved between the different status' (amongst other things).

IRStats2 has a processor for the 'history' dataset, but out-of-the-box, I can?t see anything that actually uses the data that it generates.

Has anyone done anything using either the history dataset, or the IRStats processed history data?



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