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[EP-tech] Re: Refreshing document listings


Any errors in your browser's console? That should get you started. 


On 06.11.2014 13:51, Lizz Jennings wrote: 

> Hello all,
> I've been adapting the document listings to group documents by type so 
> that they can be displayed with their relevant upload box. This works 
> lovely when you load the edit screen, but after that, behaviour becomes 
> more erratic:
> 1) When I upload a file, even though the type is set at upload, it 
> lists in all documents lists on the page
> 2) When I click on the Files icon to look at e.g. the MD5 checksum, 
> then press cancel, it loads any documents it can find regardless of 
> type, although sometimes doesn't load the ones you were just looking at 
> or seems only to recognise some of the documents.
> I can get it to not display the items' content but still get stuck with 
> empty boxes.
> I think it's something in the javascript, but I'm out of ideas on where 
> to look for the code that's generating these refreshes.
> Any ideas?
> Lizz

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