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[EP-tech] irstats2 on 3.2

i've installed irstats2 on a 3.2 eprints. the processing went fine,
but the report page totally hangs every browser.

i've isolated the problem disabling google chart plugins:
$c->{plugins}{"Stats::View::Google::GeoChart"}{params}{disable} = 1;
$c->{plugins}{"Stats::View::Google::Graph"}{params}{disable} = 1;
$c->{plugins}{"Stats::View::Google::PieChart"}{params}{disable} = 1;
$c->{plugins}{"Stats::View::Google::Spark"}{params}{disable} = 1;

how i can debug more on this?
what tecnique do you use to debug javascript in eprints?

analyzing the access log i see that every call to /cgi/stats/get
return hashes of data correctly.