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[EP-tech] Re: Irstats2 : date range

Yes !

I changed :

"class="w8em format-y-m-d"


new EPJS_Stats_Placeholder( 'sd', 'YYYY/MM/DD' );
                new EPJS_Stats_Placeholder( 'ed', 'YYYY/MM/DD' );

 But I do not understand why. I never touched these settings ..

Merci !


Le 19/09/2014 13:12, John Salter a écrit :
Hi Jean-Marie,
Which version or IRStats are you using?

This is where the date picker is rendered from:
I think the class 'format-y-m-d' on the input should make the date picker format the date in that way...


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Hi all,

Formatting the date in the popup dates is not good on my irstats2. It is 
of the following form: DD/ MM/YYYY instead of YYYY/MM/DD

where can I intervene to change this behavior?




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