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[EP-tech] Re: OpenOffice failed to start

Thanks a lot for your reply!

I've actually tried fiddling with several versions of LibreOffice and 
OpenOffice and finally reverted to OpenOffice from the main lucid 
repository (i've made sure to purge old installs before trying new 
ones), because all had the same behaviour.

I had to change the paths in ~/lib/cfg.d/openoffice.pl, because I 
initially saw the error "OpenOffice is not installed on your system".

I could easily search for soffice.bin and change the path to:

$c->{executables}->{openoffice} = '/usr/lib/openoffice/program/soffice.bin';

However there is no "python" in the same folder, and searching for it 
gives me several locations, because there is no file extension, so I am 
not sure which location to choose.

Am I looking for a file or a folder, and are there any clues, that might 
point me to the right path?

~/archives/ARCHIVEID/bin/openoffice-local.pl ARCHIVEID start

Gives me "Permission denied". User and group for openoffice-local.pl is 
www-data. I've tried changing the user to eprints, but still "permission 

The log file is now appended to, but unfortunately it is not very helpful:
OpenOffice process died, restarting...
Starting OpenOffice
Tried 10 times to start OpenOffice in the last 15 secs. Something is 
wrong, leaving now"

Thanks again for you help. I guess I'll try all the "python" locations 
just to make sure, but I have no idea what to do about the permission 
denied error.

*Med venlig hilsen/Best regards*


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On 19-05-2014 11:19, John Salter wrote:
> Try running it from the commandline:
> ~/archives/ARCHIVEID/bin/openoffice-local.pl ARCHIVEID start
> I'd have a look at the following:
> ~/lib/cfg.d/openoffice.pl
> and check all the paths are OK -- it may be that Ubuntu installs them 
> elsewhere. I had to tweak it slightly as we use LibreOffce.
> I think that by default, the openoffice log is overwritten, not 
> appended to (this may have changed since I last looked at it though). 
> Look in ~/lib/plugins/EPrints/Plugin/OpenOffice.pm, at the 'new' sub 
> -- you might want to change:
> if( open( $fh, "+>".$self->logfile() ) )
> to
> if( open( $fh, ">>".$self->logfile() ) )
> If you're using OpenOffice for coversheets, it's also worth knowing 
> that the indexer (that process' the events) uses it's own copy of the 
> EPrints stack -- so any changes to the config of a reo require the 
> indexer to be restarted before they are picked up.
> Cheers,
> John
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> In EPrints v3.3.12 on Ubuntu Server 10.04.04: Whenever I press "Start 
> OpenOffice", EPrints displays the message: "OpenOffice started".
> But when I refresh the page or click somewhere else and go back, a red 
> error message is displayed reading "Failed to start OpenOffice".
> "Openoffice.log" in "/usr/share/eprints3/var" is completely empty, 
> even though it seems to be edited every time I try to start OpenOffice 
> from EPrints.
> This is driving me nuts, please help me solve this puzzle. Any help 
> would be greatly appreciated.
> -- 
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