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[EP-tech] Re: OpenOffice failed to start

Try running it from the commandline:
~/archives/ARCHIVEID/bin/openoffice-local.pl ARCHIVEID start

I?d have a look at the following:
and check all the paths are OK ? it may be that Ubuntu installs them elsewhere. I had to tweak it slightly as we use LibreOffce.

I think that by default, the openoffice log is overwritten, not appended to (this may have changed since I last looked at it though). Look in ~/lib/plugins/EPrints/Plugin/OpenOffice.pm, at the ?new? sub ? you might want to change:
if( open( $fh, "+>".$self->logfile() ) )
if( open( $fh, ">>".$self->logfile() ) )

If you?re using OpenOffice for coversheets, it?s also worth knowing that the indexer (that process? the events) uses it?s own copy of the EPrints stack ? so any changes to the config of a reo require the indexer to be restarted before they are picked up.


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In EPrints v3.3.12 on Ubuntu Server 10.04.04: Whenever I press "Start OpenOffice", EPrints displays the message: "OpenOffice started".

But when I refresh the page or click somewhere else and go back, a red error message is displayed reading "Failed to start OpenOffice".

"Openoffice.log" in "/usr/share/eprints3/var" is completely empty, even though it seems to be edited every time I try to start OpenOffice from EPrints.

This is driving me nuts, please help me solve this puzzle. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Med venlig hilsen/Best regards


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