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[EP-tech] Register for a webinar on OpenAIRE compatibility for repositories

*Apologies for cross-posting*

 OpenAIRE (Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe,
<http://www.openaire.eu/>*) is offering open webinars on OpenAIRE
compatibility for repositories with Pedro Pr?ncipe, Jos? Carvalho, Paolo
Manghi and Alen Vodopijevec on Tuesday, March 18 and on Tuesday, April 1.

 OpenAIRE now harvests content from a range of European repositories, and
ensures raised visibility of open access content, as well as links to
project and funding information and datasets.

 In order to ensure interoperability and compatibility, an integrated suite
of guidelines have been developed. The webinars will briefly outline the
OpenAIRE Guidelines (*http://guidelines.openaire.eu


   Guidelines for Literature Repository Managers

   Guidelines for Data Archive Managers

   Guidelines for CRIS Managers.

 The webinars will focus on how to implement the literature guidelines in
DSpace, EPrints and other repositories, highlighting the recent updates in
the OpenAIRE infrastructure and the main changes in the last version of the
guidelines. The latest changes in the OpenAIRE guidelines are intended to
guide repository managers to expose to the OpenAIRE infrastructure not only
the EC funded research results, but also publications funded by other national
or international funders.

 *Who should attend*

 We invite repository managers and administrators interested in learning
more about making their repositories compatible with the OpenAIRE
infrastructure and wanting to help their faculty to comply with the EC open
access requirements (FP7 and Horizon H2020).

 *Why you should attend*


   To find out about the different versions of the literature repository
   guidelines, backwards compatibility and implementation.


   By implementing these guidelines, repository managers will be able to
   enable authors who deposit publications in their repositories to fulfill
   the EC open access requirements, as well as the requirements of other
   (national or international) funders. In addition it will allow the OpenAIRE
   infrastructure to add value?added services such as discoverability,
   linking, and creation of enhanced publications.


   Research managers in your institution will be able to compare your
   institutional performance with the performance of other institutions in
   your country and within the European Union using the OpenAIRE publication
   statistics tool. You will also save time for project coordinators at your



   Overview of the OpenAIREplus project and the OpenAIRE guidelines

   Presentation of the OpenAIRE guidelines for Literature Repositories:
   Aim, versions and specifications

      OpenAIRE compatibility status: levels and OAI sets

   How to make the repository OpenAIRE compatible

   OpenAIRE validator and registration process

 *Webinars Details*

 *Dates and duration*

 *Tuesday, March 18*

11:00 ? 12:00 CET (DSpace repository platform);

14:00 ? 15:00 CET (proprietary platforms);

15:30 ? 16:30 CET (EPrints repository platform);

 *or Tuesday, April 1*

11:00 ? 12:00 CET (proprietary platforms);

14:00 ? 15:00 CET (EPrints repository platform);

15:30 ? 16:30 CET (DSpace repository platform);

 *(please choose the date most convenient for you)*

 *How to register*

To register your interest in attending the webinar, please email
iryna.kuchma [at] eifl.net as soon as possible with the following


   your name


   your email address


   your job title, institution and country

   *the date, time and title (repository platform specification) of the
   webinar you would like to attend*

 *How you participate*: once your place is confirmed, you will receive a
URL and password for the session.

 All you will need is an internet-connected computer with sound (and maybe
headphones if you are in a busy room).

 To check if your computer will be able to access the session successfully,
please go to: *www.instantpresenter.com/systemtest

 *Individual consultations*

 You can also book an individual consultation with the OpenAIRE team
members on Wednesday, March 19, Thursday, March 20, or Friday, March 21;
and on Wednesday, April 2, Thursday, April 3, or Friday, April 4.

 Contact person: Pedro Pr?ncipe, Open Access Projects, University of Minho,

 Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

 On behalf of the OpenAIRE team

Pedro Pr?ncipe, Open Access Projects, University of Minho, pedroprincipe[@]

Iryna Kuchma, EIFL Open Access Programme Manager, iryna.kuchma[@]eifl.net
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