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[EP-tech] EPrints 3.3.12 Installation (from source)


We are fresh newcomers to the EPrints community (Cirad is a French 
research centre working in the field of tropical agronomy, breeding, ...).

The library team has made the choice of EPrints to manage the documents 
produced by our research teams.

So, I am trying to install EPrints 3.3.12 on the dedicated server (the 
server is still in intranet zone, for now, so I can't post useful links) :

  * CentOS release 6.5 (Final)

  * MySql 5.6.15
  * Perl 5.18.2
  * Apache 2.2.26 with mod_perl 2.0.8

Installation of EPrints seems OK :

  * "epadmin create", to create the test repository + modification of
  * import of testdata
  * generate_views
  * "indexer start"

But, I still get errors when running unit_tests...

  * one error on 30_search.pl
  * fails (exists) on 84_sword.pl "1/27 Bailout called.  Further testing
    stopped:  Failed to parse
    http://-----.cirad.fr/sword-app/servicedocument :1: parser error :
    Space required after the Public Identifier"

And on the web interface I run through several problems :

 1. When I try to login with the admin account created during "epadmin
    create", I get a page "Moved" instead of the "Manage deposits" page.
    I have found that another user reported the same problem
    (http://www.eprints.org/tech.php/18174.html) but I didn't find any
    answer to his mail.

    If I go back one page, I return to the home page and I can see that
    the connection has been done. I am identified under the admin account...

 2. If I try to edit the user profile through the "Profile" link, I get
    an error : "user does not exist. It may have been erased."

    The url of this page is

    If I tweak this URL, adding "1" at the end, I obtain the profile page...

 3. On this profile page, if I click on "Edit", this produce a "500
    Internal Server Error"

    The Apache log has a line related to this error : "Can't call method
    "action_buttons" on an undefined value at
    line 206."

    Note: if I don't click "Edit" but rather one of the links on field
    titles (as Name or User Type), I get to the edit page
    without a problem.

 4. I get the same kind of problems when trying to edit documents. From
    the "Manage deposits" page, I can view documents but not edit them :
    same "500 Internet Server Error" but with a different line in the
    error_log " Can't call method "render" on an undefined value at
    /opt/www/eprints-3.3.12/perl_lib/EPrints/Workflow.pm line 446.". As
    for the user editing, if I click on a title link from the view page
    of a document, I correctly reach the edit page.

 5. Last problem. When I try to search the repository
    (http://-----.cirad.fr/cgi/search//simple or advanced), I get a
    redirection error from firefox : "The page isn't redirecting
    properly - Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the
    request for this address in a way that will never complete"

Has anybody any clue or advices of things I should look at...

With all my apologies for this long message...
Thank you for your assistance.


  * Anglais - d?tect?
  * Anglais
  * Fran?ais
  * Espagnol

  * Anglais
  * Fran?ais
  * Espagnol

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