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[EP-tech] Re: Browse pages

Hi Ian,

This is from an email around 13/10/2008, which I sent to the list, when we were having problems with the views taking a long time to process (this was back in eprint v2.x era) ...  we ended up getting the view generation back to sub 1 hour processing time... Basically, check your MySQL settings and tune it up, so you can eliminate MySQL as the bottleneck.

		We had a few simple views being created each, we added a new people view, which then subsorted by year, 
		this took the processing time up to almost 22hours (from 2hrs).

		Eventually the number of eprints in our system grew, and the script was taking 24+ hours, and cron fired 
		off a 2nd copy, before the first had finished.  We ended up getting load averages of 300+ !!! While both were 
		running concurrently.

		To fix this I fiddled the settings for mysql.  Increasing memory etc.

		The 128M values I used as 1/8 of system memory.. I have since increased it even more, but I recommend 
		keeping it below 50% of system memory.

		Inside MySQL as root/owner of the MySQL system Run 

		SET GLOBAL query_cache_size = 128M; SET GLOBAL key_buffer_size = 128M; SET GLOBAL table_cache = 128;

Hope this helps a bit.


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On 10/06/14 12:39, John Salter wrote:
> If you set up a cron job to regenerate the page twice a day (so it's 
> never older that a day), does that help things?
Unfortunately not..... because the generate_views takes several days to complete (160,000+ records, all multiple-authors - "several" is a BIG
number) then the view is out of date before its even finished!



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