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[EP-tech] How to add search fields in admin's search items


Anyone tried to add fields in the search items page when logged in as admin?  We are trying to add datestamp_year, datestamp_month, datestamp_day... and same with lastmod and status_changed.....

I tried to edit EPrintSearch.pm and add the following fields but getting an error that they are not defined as datasets:

{ meta_fields => [ "eprint.datestamp_month" ] },
{ meta_fields => [ "eprint.datestamp_day" ] },
{ meta_fields => [ "eprint.datestamp_year" ] },
{ meta_fields => [ "eprint.lastmod_month" ] },
{ meta_fields => [ "eprint.lastmod_day" ] },
{ meta_fields => [ "eprint.lastmod_year" ] },

With this added search fields, users from our research office can be able to search items deposited per month or specified dates...

Thanks guys in advanced! :)

Ellis Gatchalian
Systems Librarian
Private Bag 3036, Waikato Mail Centre, Hamilton 3240
Phone: +64-(0)7-834 8800 ext 8633
Fax: +64-(0)7-838 8257
Email: ellis.gatchalian at wintec.ac.nz
Web: http://www.wintec.ac.nz/



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