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[EP-tech] Re: Browse view by document language.

The browse X by Y was exactly what I hoping to end up with.

As you mentioned earlier, it was simple enough to add:

         { meta_fields => [ "documents.language" ] },

to eprint_search_advanced.pl to let the user search by document 
language, so I hoped the View part would be equally simple, but I 
understand why it would lead to conflicts.

Guess I will have to settle with the search for now, since I do indeed 
often have multiple file attachments with different languages like Alan 
mentioned, so the simple solution with a single field is not an option.

I can reply back with the code for a browse view, if I ever get it 
working, as I imagine it could be useful in other repositories as well.

If anyone from orgprints.org happens to subscribe to this list and would 
be willing to supply their code for this particular view for reference, 
I would be more than grateful of course.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

On 17-07-2014 18:22, Sebastien Francois wrote:
> Alan's suggestion is the way to go then and that's how they did it on 
> orgprints.org.
> It is possible to browse by X then by Y so you could do authors then 
> language.
> Seb.
> On 17/07/14 17:16, Jacob Wenzel wrote:
>> Okay so not so simple to do anyway.
>> I guess Allan's suggestion is the way to try then.
>> /"Is it that you want to only show the documents in Danish on your 
>> "view"?"/
>> Well, actually that is exactly what I don't want. I need to file 
>> documents a videos from many different countries. But many of my 
>> visitors (apart from the native English speakers of course) will be 
>> able to use both English and entries in their native tongue.
>> It can be a bit refusing though to see many different languages in 
>> the same view though, so it would be a nice feature to be able to 
>> browse by language and even better to for instance browse by author 
>> and then sort by language.
>> These guys have been able to figure out how to browse by document 
>> language:
>> http://orgprints.org/view/doclang/
>> I guess they implemented the hack, I referred to earlier, which can 
>> be found here:
>> http://osdir.com/ml/web.eprints.devel/2003-03/msg00053.html
>> Thanks for the feedback gentlemen.
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