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[EP-tech] IRStats 2-0.0.5 - Stats::Handler: requested processor 'countries' does not exist.

Hi All,

I will keep this request short... but I have provided more details for those who want to read the epic tale below....

I have just finished pushing IRStats 2-0.0.5 into a dev eprints system (running 3.3.10),
Everything seems to be working except the world map, 'origin of download' component. Found on the vanilla  /cgi/stats/report/requests page.
I also added the GeoChart code into the eprint report as well...

The database has irstats2_countries table and it's got appropriate data in it, but error logs show "Stats::Handler: requested processor 'countries' does not exist."

Seb, Any ideas where to start looking?


More details...

The vanilla settings for eprint in z_irstats2.pl generates the report (<FQDN>/cgi/stats/report/eprint/) and displays everything as expected...
eprint => {
      items => [ { plugin => 'ReportHeader' },
                 { plugin => 'Google::Graph', datatype => 'downloads', options => { date_resolution => 'month', graph_type => 'column', },  },
                 { plugin => 'KeyFigures', options => { metrics => [ 'downloads.spark', 'hits.spark' ], } },

I added the GeoChart line into the items block, to display origin of downloads,

                 { plugin => 'Google::GeoChart', datatype => 'countries', options => { title_phrase => 'download_countries', }, },

and it displays the relevant block on the screen, but it contains a message 'this.each is not a function'
The apache error log also displays... "Stats::Handler: requested processor 'countries' does not exist."

After digging around, I found that I was missing Geo::IP, which is documented in the file /opt/eprints3/lib/plugins/EPrints/Plugin/Stats/Processor/Access/Country.pm
# Processor::Access::Country
# Processes the Country codes from Access records. Provides the 'eprint_countries' datatype
# Note that this requires Geo::IP to work.

Even though it is testing for EPrints::Utils::require_if_exists( "Geo::IP::PurePerl" )

I installed perl-Geo-IP, and then also installed perl-Geo-IP-PurePerl too, when perl-Geo-IP didn't get things working...

This dev install of ePrints doesn't/didn't have the geoip.dat file that was required either, so that's been put in place (/opt/eprints3/lib/geoip/GeoIP.dat).

The process_stats was re-run to rebuild all the tables... and we now have an 'irstats2_countries' table (which wasn't there before), and it's been populated with data that looks appropriate...

I am guessing that having the table populated, would indicate that the 'countries' processor is in place and operational, which makes the apache error log rather confusing..

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