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[EP-tech] Re: Creating new citation formats....

On 04/02/14 12:09, John Salter wrote:
> [On our install] If you stick a new line in the citation, it comes out as a new line in the output.
If I have an XML file thus:

<cite:citation xmlns:xhtml="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"; 
xmlns:cite="http://eprints.org/ep3/citation"; >
       <print expr="$item.citation('default')" />
       <print expr="$item.url()"/>

and export the data as a text file, this is all one line

> If you look in ~/perl_lib/EPrints/Script/Compiled.pm it will show you what you can do in EPScript - I don?t think there's a magic 'export' function in there - so you could:
>   - make one by writing into that package ('run_render_export_link' maybe)
>   - do it manually in the citation
>   - something else that someone cleverer than I will no doubt suggest in a minute :o)

I'm suspecting #2 is the way forward
I'm also suspecting #3 is more challenging that you appreciate :)


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