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[EP-tech] Re: Re-indexing question

Hi Lauren,

The views *should* be regenerated nightly (well, be 1 day old at the oldest), but it looks like this page is being unwittingly cached.

If you look at the creators index page: http://ssudl.solent.ac.uk/view/creators/index.T.html the author isn’t listed – as this view has been regenerated.


You could try a ~/bin/generate_views ARCHIVEID (or ‘Regenerate Views’ in the admin interface) – but I’m not sure this would remove this ‘orphaned’ page.


Maybe give that a shot and let us know if the page remains!





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Sent: 12 February 2014 14:35
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Subject: [EP-tech] Re-indexing question


Hello all,

I wonder if someone could point me in the right direction for re-indexing some pages?

Specifically, this one: http://ssudl.solent.ac.uk/view/creators/Tsakalidou=3AAnatoli=3A=3A.html (and others like it).

We have removed this item and its record from ePrints (it no longer shows up in manage deposits or manage records), and would like to remove the indexed information too.

I'm sure it's a pretty straightforward thing to do - I just don't know where to look.


Lauren Shipley, Information Systems Librarian, Southampton Solent University
Extn 3260, 023 80 319 260, lauren.shipley@solent.ac.uk

From:        Andrew Beeken <anbeeken@lincoln.ac.uk>
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Date:        12/02/2014 14:28
Subject:        [EP-tech]  Changes to response pages
Sent by:        eprints-tech-bounces@ecs.soton.ac.uk

Hello! I think I’m getting to grips with the way EPrints plugs together. My next question is related to “result pages”, for example, if someone requests a copy of a document and the owner of the document receives this request by email. When they click on the “approve request” link, they are taken to a page which is generated based on the request token. Is there any way of getting to that page outside of this email loop so that, for example, we can make typo changes and check them in a test environment?


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