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[EP-tech] Re: Eprints to Omeka Harvest

Its not a complete solution - but I can tell you why its not working, and point you at some stuff to work out your own solution.

When you import data into Eprints (into any repository, doesn't matter what system) - you need to copies the information from whatever format the data is supplied in, into whatever format you have in your repository (basically, what fields you have in your database)

There are two parts to this... and one of those is more complicated still.

Part 1: What file have you been given?
If you have an XML file, then it probably just contains data, so you only need to "cross-walk" from whatever they have to whatever you need. (note the "probably" - the XML could contain the files by being "clever" - but you can be clever back, and pull them out)

Part 2: Translating (cross-walking) from one format to another
it is very unlikely that you will get data in the format that your EPrints repository uses natively, so you need to somehow translate what your given into what you need.
You've said that what you're given is METS - METS is actually a format for transferring metadata... it doesn't actually say how the metadata is written out (encoded, or packaged). You have discovered the METS importer that comes with EPrints - however this is specifically for the METS profile that has the metadata described in the format defined by DSpace... so the chances are that the Omeka data isn't packaged in the same way that DSpace does it.... which is why its not working!

We all want solutions :)

What you need to do is write some code (sorry) that does the translation from whatever Omeka puts out to what EPrints understands.

As it happens, I can point you at code that reads METS, and translates it into EPrints.
For EPrints 3.2 - look at https://github.com/edina/RJ_Broker_Importer_3.2
For Eprints 3.3, try https://github.com/edina/RJ_Broker_2

Now - these are not direct solutions:
1) They are SWORD importers, so they have some assumptions that are different to a command-line based importer 2) They are for a METS metadata format that I made, so unlikely to match the Omeka format
.... but they ARE a good starting point, and they WILL help.

On 28/01/14 10:42, Coyle, Patrick wrote:
Has anyone got experience of harvesting from ePints to Omeka using METS.
I have harvested my ePrints setup using Dublin Core successfully but
when trying to use METS it throws up an error.
METS works when harvesting from say dSpace into Omeka but just will not
work from ePrints.

I'd be grateful to anyone that might be able to help with this problem.


Ian Stuart.
Developer: ORI, RJ-Broker, and OpenDepot.org
Bibliographics and Multimedia Service Delivery team,
The University of Edinburgh.


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