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[EP-tech] Document editting actions broken (ep_form_action_icons not showing their actions)


I have a problem trying to edit an eprint's documents (the
ep_form_action_icon input fields in the upload_doc_actions HTML
element, in the EPrint::Edit screen, stage=files).

If I click on any of the icons to operate with the record's files, the
browser does not update the <div> with the extra information — Moving
the document up or down *does* switch the position, but all other
buttons fail to update the displayed information with the required
extra data.

I can see the request is being made to the server and returned (when
debugging fia a Javascript console, I do get an AJAXy HTML snippet
back), but I think it is failing to update a <div> element.

If I disable Javascript, I do get sent to the proper page
(i.e. /cgi/users/home?screen=EPrint%3A%3ADocument%3A%3ARemove&eprintid=1949&documentid=3684&return_to=screen%3DEPrint%253A%253AEdit%26eprintid%3D1949%26stage%3Dfiles#t),
but I cannot ask my users to disable Javascript for this simple task.

I am not very well versed in Javascript; I cannot find where the icons
in question are being observed. What should I be looking for here?

Thanks a loT!