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[EP-tech] Re: Report Generator


Something like: http://eprints.gla.ac.uk/view/type/ ?

If so, it's a "browse view", look under cfg.d/views.pl on how to 
configure those.


On 24/09/13 03:31, MOHD IZAMRI, ISMAIL wrote:
> Hi EPrints,
> Just want to know if there is a report generator made by EPrints to 
> generate report based on deposit types (for example).
> Its output has report based like.
> For example if we choose deposit type books, the report will generate 
> all deposit under books and list it down with all the fields data 
> (creators, date, title etc etc).
> If EPrints don't have it, is it possible to create it? IRStats and 
> IRStats2 is more on statistics.
> Appreciate your reply. Thanks in advance.
> *Best Regards,***
> **
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