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[EP-tech] Re: integrating IRStat on items page


FYI We've just had a discussion on ep-tech about installing irstats2 on a repository and how to enable the graphs on the summary pages.



On 25.11.2013 10:23, Ranju Upadhyay wrote:

Hi all,


I have been trying to integrate IRStat  (1.3) to items page  on eprints 3.3.12,


on the instructions it says


5 Integrating IRStats (optional)



i) Add IRStats download graphs to individual item summary pages


Add the following to archives/ARCHIVEID/cfg/cfg.d/eprint_render.pl:


        if( !$preview )


                # IRSTATS CODE STARTS HERE

                if ($session->get_repository->can_call('irstats_abstract_content'))


                        $page->appendChild($session->get_repository->call('irstats_abstract_content', $session, $eprint));


                # END IRSTATS

                $links->appendChild( $session->plugin( "Export::Simple" )->dataobj_to_html_header( $eprint ) );

                $links->appendChild( $session->plugin( "Export::DC" )->dataobj_to_html_header( $eprint ) );



        return( $page, $title, $links );


but this code gives error saying


Error in configuration:

Global symbol "$session" requires explicit package name


(having added the lines to the right place i.e. after declaration of $links)


I realized that in this version the $session has to be replaced with $repository for it to work




                if ($repository->get_repository->can_call('irstats_abstract_content'))


                        $page->appendChild($repository->get_repository->call('irstats_abstract_content', $repository, $eprint));


                # END IRSTATS


( in case anyone gets stuck with the same error!!)




Ranju Upadhyay

National University of Ireland Maynooth.

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